EVERYBODY at one point or another needs a cheap, reliable car!


Whether its a for a first time buyer or new driver, a student, a second car, or just a work or winter commuter vehicle, just about everyone at one point or another needs an inexpensive reliable vehicle. Rockeye Auto specializes in acquiring, repairing and remarketing slightly older, less expensive vehicles that still look good, are mechanically in good to excellent condition, and still have a good amount life left!  No more days of searching unreliable sites or traveling to far, unfamiliar locations. Rockeye Auto is your one stop car-buying source!



We're committed to providing you safe, reliable vehicles that fit your budget without the typical car-buying hassle.


Lets be honest, car shopping  is not fun or convenient. Unfortunately, there is not very much a dealership can do to make the process enjoyable.  So, rather than make promises that are near impossible to keep, we focus on making the process as quick and as easy as possible for you, so you can get back to participating in things that ARE enjoyable!  Our first-time customers become our long term customers time and time again, choosing us for many their car buying needs.

Safe, simple cars at an easy price so you can get on with your life

Creating long-term relationships with our customers is our #1 priority.  We want to be here for your first car and beyond and we want you to spread the word about your experience to others!  Our dedication to your continuous satisfaction is what separates Rockeye Auto from the rest!